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                           Connecting you with exceptional Pipers and Instruction throughout New York's Capital District
Bagpipe Performance in Albany
Welcome to The Bagpipe Connection.  Our mission is to connect you with the highest quality bagpipers for your occasion as well as provide exceptional bagpipe instruction.   We serve the Capital District Region of New York.

Pipers for your Event:  I will connect you to the most qualified pipers and drummers in the Capital District area. Our service is ideal for weddings, parties, and solemn occasions as  well.
Bagpipe Instruction is given by Maureen Connor.  She has dedicated herself to ensuring that students receive instruction geared towards their goals and developmental needs. Maureen specializes in 
  • Customizing lesson plans
  • Coaching bands
  • Developing players to achieve their best
  • All ages and ability levels

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or email me at:      OR     518-374-6034
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